Tinnitus Overview


If you’re suffering from tinnitus (also known as ringing in the ears, often mispelled tinitus, tinnitis, tenitus) it is important to know that, although some achieve silence or remission, almost everyone can reduce the volume and get their life back.

  • Do you experience unwanted ringing, hissing, tea kettle, crickets, rushing water, clicking, and/or pulsing sounds?
  • Do you experience any fluctuation in volume or pitch?
  • Are there moments when you are distracted enough not to notice the sound?
  • Does your tinnitus seem to get worse as the day goes on?
  • Is the tinnitus worse in the morning?
  • Do you find it gets worse when you are stressed or in a loud room?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then you have just opened the door to getting your life back and feeling better.

You have OPTIONS…

Forms of Treatment

What can you do to get well?

Everyone should have options. The more options you have the more likely you are to succeed…

The best place to start is to read “Tinnitus: Turning the Volume Down”, co-authored by Jennifer Battaglino, LCSW and Dr. Kevin Hogan

The next step is to contact Jennifer Battaglino for a Tinnitus Consultation or you can order the Tinnitus Treatment Home Program Download or CD SET

A teleconsult is approximately 90 minutes in length. You will go over everything from what works to what doesn’t, medications, supplements, your own personal history with tinnitus, and you will have any questions you might have answered in detail. You will also learn practical exercises to do every day to promote habituation and ultimately bring down the volume. You will have an individualized tinnitus reduction program, including self-hypnosis recordings, at the end of our consultation to implement immediately. It can be conducted in person, phone, or skype.

For more information on the Tinnitus Consultation please CLICK HERE

For more information on the Tinnitus Treatment Home Program Download please CLICK HERE

The Tinnitus Consultation will also provide an opportunity for Jennifer Battaglino to assess your individual case. This also includes discussing the option of follow up support, hypnotherapy in the form of weekly sessions, multi-day intensive treatment, or a customized treatment plan based on need and schedule.

Continued support can be conducted in person or remotely through skype, facetime, or telephone.

Follow up appointments range from 30 minutes to multi-day depending on your specific needs.

Weekly sessions as well as multi-day sessions include but is not limited to hypnotherapy, regression therapy, ego state or parts therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), phenomenological approach, desensitization, and habituation work.

You can plan on experiencing 8 to 12 weekly sessions in the course of treatment before a change in frequency.

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The multi-day intensive treatment is typically 3 or 4 days in length. Each day includes at least 7 hours of individual therapy.

To find out more about multi-day treatment please CLICK HERE

*Please note Consultations, 30 and 60 minute follow up appointments can be conducted via phone, skype or Facetime(webcam), as well as in person.

All hypnotherapy appointments are typically conducted in person unless approved by Jennifer Battaglino. In many cases, treatment can be effective when utilizing skype (webcam).