Tinnitus Treatment



If you are suffering and looking for immediate help to experience relief…

The Tinnitus Treatment program is available for immediate download HERE

  • If you prefer a more individualized and personal tinnitus treatment and reduction program…you can schedule a Tinnitus Consultation

Call us at (914) 315-4044 or Email us at jb@jenniferbattaglino.com


You WILL have a response within 24 hours.


  • If you are weighing your options the best place to start is to:
    • Read the Tinnitus FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
    • Read, Tinnitus: Turning the Volume Down (Revised & Expanded), co-authored by Jennifer Battaglino and Kevin Hogan. It is a great place to start to get a better idea of my philosophy and different approaches to tinnitus treatment.


The Tinnitus Consultation

Consults are available in person, telephone, and webcam (Skype, Google, Facetime)

• The consultation is where we will design a personalized tinnitus reduction and management program.

• A tinnitus consultation is approximately 90 minutes in length.

• We go over everything from what works to what doesn’t; medications, supplements, your own personal history with tinnitus, and I answer any questions you might have.

• Streamline your plan and get connected with the right people to give yourself the best possible chance to get well.

• Know your intervention options

• Understand medications that have helped others in the past which you can discuss with your doctor

• Find out if you qualify for intensive therapy such as a 3-Day Intensive Session or Weekly Sessions.

• Find out what other clients have done in the way of therapy, intervention, self-help, and medication to see how it applies to your own situation.

Have a better understanding of

  • how tinnitus works
  • what is effecting your tinnitus
  • and how you can “interrupt” the cycle and ultimately break it to bring the volume down.
  • Learn practical reduction exercises you can use everyday to detach emotionally from your tinnitus
  • promote new neuropathway growth
  • promote habituation
  • Understand the concept of habituation and how vital it is to experiencing a volume reduction.
  • Discuss diet and exercise and how they can impact your tinnitus
  • Understand supplements and the real facts about what works and what doesn’t
  • Explore the various options open to you to get well such as TRT, Zen device, TMS, Neuromonics, and Hypnotherapy to name a few…

Once you have scheduled a personalized consultation, we will need the following information prior to your appointment.

  • a history of your tinnitus: how it started and how it has progressed
  • What life has been like up to 18 months prior to onset – stressors, relationships, work, health, etc., anything you can think of
  • what, if anything, have you tried for treatment
  • your current major stressors
  • your expected outcome for the teleconsult
  • your most recent audiogram, if available, faxed to (914) 315-8266 or mail to Jennifer Battaglino, LCSW, 178 Myrtle Blvd., Suite 107, Larchmont, NY 10538
  • The fee is $265.00 – In most cases, if you have health insurance with out-of-network coverage, there is a strong possibility that you could get 50-80% reimbursement.  We will be happy to help you find out your options and work with your insurance company.

INFORM me via email or fax that your MRI, BAER, or CT scan results are normal, meaning no tumor. I will not work with you after the first teleconsult unless a tumor has been ruled out.  You can also ask your ENT or audiologist about a BAER test which is less involved that an MRI or CT scan which may help rule out whether a more thorough test is needed.






Once you have a tinnitus reduction program personally designed through a teleconsult, you may schedule a 3-Day / Multi-Day Intensive.


What is a 3-day intensive therapy session?

The 3-Day Intensive Session is an incredible experience. It consists of 3 consecutive days of therapy, approximately 8 hours per day. I incorporate various techniques, including hypnotherapy, regression, parts therapy, and psychotherapy to treat all aspects of tinnitus.


Who would attend a 3-day therapy session?

Typically, clients who are not living in the immediate area will opt for the 3-Day versus weekly sessions. For those who are within a reasonable driving distance from my office, we can discuss on an individual basis whether weekly sessions or the 3-Day is best for you.


What are the goal(s) or desired outcome(s) for the 3-day?

We will discuss your desired outcome for participating in the 3-Day session so that we are both on the same page before we even begin. The ultimate goal is for you to leave at the end of the third day with an extinguished or nearly extinguished emotional response to your tinnitus. You will gain insight as to how your life has been shaped by past events and experiences, as well as detach, negative emotions from unpleasant events. Only after we have removed your emotional response to your tinnitus will there be the possibility of consistent silence.


What is covered/addressed?

All of the following questions will be answered…

• How did I get Tinnitus?

• Why doesn’t it just go away?

• What do I have to do to experience relief and ultimately silence?

• How long will it take to feel relief? To achieve remission?


What happens once I go home?

Once the intensive session comes to an end, your journey to achieving consistent relief has begun.

I will give you a number of assignments by thoroughly explaining their execution as well as the reason for each exercise. You will have a clear understanding of why you are committing your time and effort to this process that requires following through with your ‘homework’ each and every day. We will also keep in touch on a weekly basis to keep track of your progress. I am always available via email for any questions you may have or simply as one more member of your support system.


Should anyone else come with me?

It is entirely up to you whether or not a friend or loved one accompanies you to New York. Please keep in mind that each day averages 8 hours and my one requirement is that you do not discuss what goes on in therapy for at least 48 hours after the session has ended. So having some one to catch dinner with at the end of the day may be a comfort or you may choose to spend some time on your own. I would be happy to discuss what would be best for you if the situation arises.


How do I make an appointment?

You can email us at info@theharwoodgroup.org to set up a consultation or with any questions you may have.





Normally, if a client is in the New York area, I will see you once per week for 8-12 sessions. My approach is typically the same as the 3-Day session with the only difference being that it is spread out on a weekly basis.

Please read the about the 3-Day Intensive so that you have a more in depth understanding of the process.

If we choose to see each other on a weekly basis, the first session can be anywhere from 90 minutes to 2 hours in length. We will discuss everything from your history to a treatment plan. We will also discuss realistic goals so that we are in agreement from the start as to how to move forward. Towards the end of the session,if time allows, you will also have the opportunity to experience hypnosis.

Subsequent sessions are approximately 90-minutes in length consisting of an eclectic approach to therapy and intervention. There will be some ‘talk therapy’ with a main focus on hypnotherapy to facilitate extinguishing your emotional response to tinnitus as well as decreasing the volume. My approach is to use the tools and focus techniques of hypnotherapy to get to the root cause of your tinnitus and effect positive change.

My ultimate goal is for you to experience relief and…silence.